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1. Incandescent Welding is a:

a) Welding of Light bulbs
b) Thermit Welding
c) Low Pressure Resistance Welding
d) Tungsten Welding


2. Electrohephaestus is:

a) Gas Welding
b) Electric Arc Welding with Carbon Electrodes
c) Forge Welding
d) Resistance Welding


3. Thermit Welding uses what to work?

a) Oxygen and Acetylene gasses combined to form a flame
b) Resistance of two metal held under pressure
c) Enveloping tungsten using hydrogen gas
d) an exothermic reaction between aluminum powder and metal oxides


4. The Gas Metal Arc Welding patent was issued to whom?:

a) Ukraine USSR
b) Elihu Thomson
c) H. M. Hobart and P. K. Devers
d) Benardos and Olszewaski


5. Submerged arc welding was developed by National Tube Co. and later sold the rights to what company?

a) Linde Air Products
b) Westinghouse
c) General Electric Co.
d) General Motors Corp.


6. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding was originally referred to as what process?

a) Gas welding
b) HeliArc
c) Spot Welding
d) Wire welding


7. What welding process, developed in USSR, was introduced at the Brussels World Fair in Belgium in 1958?

a) Electroslag Welding
b) Laser Welding
c) Electron Beam Welding
d) Ultrasonic Welding


8. The Mercury Space Capsule was welded using equipment manufactured from what company?

b) Linde
c) Lincoln
d) Sciaky


9. The Soviets used what welding process in space to weld aluminum?

a) Vacuum Welding
c) Electron Beam
d) Magnetic Pulse Welding


10. A Solid State Welding Process using a non-consumable, cylindrical tool is called what?

a) Resistance Welding
b) Friction Stir Welding
c) Carbon Arc Welding
d) Electrogas Welding



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