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1. Oscar Kjellberg is from what country?

a) Germany
b) Spain
c) Netherlands
d) Sweden


2. Where was l'Electricien published?

a) England
b) France
c) UR
d) Netherlands


3. P-L-U-T-O was used where and when?

a) Normandy Beach, 1941
b) Cleveland Ohio, 1919
c) Soyuz 6, 1971
d) U. S. S. Thresher, 1963


4. TWI is located where?:

a) Ukraine USSR
b) Cambridge, England
c) San Diego California
d) Titusville, Pennsylvania


5. Irving Langmuir, a noted chemist, developed the Atomic Hydrogen Welding (AHW) Process. Whom did he work for?

a) Lincoln Electric Co.
b) Westinghouse
c) General Electric Co.
d) Baldwin Locomotive Works


6. Konrad Roentgen was from where?

a) Swiss Alps
b) Pyrennes
c) Bavaria
d) Ural Mountains


7. Vannoccio Biringuccio publishes "The Pirotechnia" in what Italian City ?

a) Venice
b) Naples
c) Rome
d) Milan


8. John C. Lincoln lists what city on his patents?

a) Toledo, Ohio
b) Cleveland, Ohio
c) Columbus, Ohio
d) Cincinnati, Ohio


9. Magnetic Pulse Welding (MPW) is introduced by Pulsar Ltd. Where is Pulsar Ltd. located?

a) America
b) Japan
c) England
d) Israel


10. Siemund-Wienzell Electric Welding Co. was formed by two men who were originally from where?
a) Turkey
b) Greece
c) Germany
d) Austria



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