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1. Experimented and demonstrated the arc between two carbon electrodes using a battery?

a) Michael Faraday
b) Sir Humphrey Davy
c) Elihu Thomson
d) Auguste DeMeritens


2. The Gas Metal Arc Welding process was patented by P. K. Devers and what other person?

a) P. O. Nobel
b) E. G. Budd
c) H. M. Hobart
d) C. J. Holslag


3. This person writes about Gold Brazing and the salts that were concocted for the flux ?

a) Benventuto Cellini,
b) Vannoccio Biringuccio
c) Theophilus
d) Pliny


4. This person is a noted chemist with General Electric Co. developed the Atomic Hydrogen Welding (AHW) Process?:

a) Irving Langmuir
b) A. O. Smith
c) P. W. Swain
d) John J. Chyle


5. The American Welding Society awards this person for his work on the variable voltage machine, the ductility and strength of welds, the carbon arc automation process, and his efforts to expand the use of welding in many industries?

a) Friedrich Wohler (Woehler)
b) James Joule
c) John C. Lincoln
d) Nikolai N. Benardos (Bernados)


6. Nikolai N. Benardos (Bernados) and this person secured a British Patent for a carbon arc welding apparatus in 1885?

a) Elihu Thompson
b) Sir William Ramsey
c) Konrad Roentgen
d) Stanislav Olszewaski (Olszewaski)


7. The combustion of Acetylene and Oxygen was discovered by whom?

a) C. L. Coffin
b) Henri LeChatelier
c) Berthelot
d) Edmund Davy


8. This Professor of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania invents the hydrogen blowpipe?

a) William Sparagen
b) Sir Humphrey Davy
c) Robert Hare,
d) K. K. Madsen


9. The Welding Handbook, first Edition was printed and edited by D. S. Jacobus and whom?

a) William Sparagen
b) Samuel Wylie Miller
c) H. A. P. Littledale
d) Hans Goldschmidt


10. This person invented Thermit Welding (TW), an exothermic reaction between aluminum powder and a metal oxide.. Used to weld railroad rails together?

a) Anthony Fokker
b) Avery
c) Oscar Kjellberg
d) Hans Goldschmidt



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