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29 January 2005

Reworked the web site, cleaning up some CSS code (again!), but mainly trying to fix some issues I saw as a programmer.


24 November 2002

Reworked the web site to CSS (Stylesheets).


4 September 2002

To begin with, I would like to extend my gratification to P. M. Roberts of Delphi Brazing Consultants, England, for the outstanding contributions presented to this site. Additional information was provided that depicts a greater insight to the art of brazing and the 6000 years of the metal craft. I was tired of the cheap looking banners I had previously made before I started using Adobe Photoshop. As you can tell from the new banner located at the top of the page, I conjoined Vulcan with another important person of the art of brazing, Robert Peaslee. Both images were selected, since the ancients viewed Vulcan as the deliverer of the craft of metal working and in recent times, Mr. Peaslee delivered the art of brazing to the modern craftsman. It was only appropriate that the two most important icons are sharing the same banner, representing the art of brazing.


19 December 2000

This site was started at the request of Robert Peaslee of Wall Colmonoy, Detroit Michigan. After visiting the Welding History site, he was really excited and sent a stack of papers that highlighted brazing from the past fifty years. It was remarkable. My biggest impediment to creating such a such was the lack of a written history, unlike the explosion of development that occurred with welding. But I took the task and read through the stack and found many other references about brazing. To make it complete, I had to include soldering. Brazing and soldering ran parallel paths of development over the past couple of millenniums and the real divergence occurred withe the aviation industry for brazing and the electronics industry for soldering. However, the American Welding Society kept the two disciplines together with the 1970 creation of the Brazing and Soldering meetings where 24 papers were presented for brazing. Since the giant of brazing asked for this site, I deliver this site for review. Any mistakes or problems, please send E-mail with the supporting documentation and I will correct as applicable. Of course, I also work for accolades of which I receive weekly from the welding site.


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