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31 January 2022

What's New? I had my article published in the Welding Journal, April issue. Also during my abscense from updating the web site, I spent some time with William (Bill) Gage, the son of Robert M. Gage, the inventor of the plasma torch. he still holds the original torch and a table made from a plate of steel the demonstrated the plasma arc cutting process. I have published the images under the Multimedia|Film|Images pull down tab.

There is a technology on the horizon using nanoparticle technology. Please search out this advanced filler metal additive. I think it will be a game changer in welding the unweldable alloy.


19 May 2018

It has been a while since I last wrote my faithful readers. Thank you for visiting the web site. I appreciate your support.

January 2019 marks the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Welding Journal. The past ten decades are the most significant times in the metalworking perdiods. we went from barely grasping the capability that welding would show us later as a powerful tool for building and did we build!

Leaving World War I with a unique skill, the early welders set us on a course of greatness with the power of the flame at hand. The welders understood what might happen and the engineers understood what could happen and when the two got together, we made things happen. From automotive, buildings, bridges, railways, aviation, nautical, aerospace, nuclear, and not to mention the corresponding adaptations of welding and electronics.

Now we are on the cusp of another revolution with Additive Manufacturing and my favorite, Additive Repair. It will be a wild ride for thoe welders that appreceiate the science of metals when hybrid technologies are tended. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward for new and interesting advances. That is history in the making!


01 January 2017

This year marks the 30the year of my interest in the history of welding. To commemerate that effort, I will introduce to my readers a unique word, invented by me:



[əˌlektrōˌhiˈfestəs äləjē]


The study of the history of welding. Named after the welding apparatus invention by Nikolai Nikolaevich Benardos [1885].

[First time published on January 1, 2017]


01 July 2014

Writing a book, a compendium of welding history and have 50,000 plus words to date. The book will follow the web site with more details about the events or experiments or developments that took place leading up to the implementation of a welding process. Did you know the Acetylene Salesmen were poets? I do now!

Thanks to all those visitors that asked questions about some of the facts I have collected. I know some people have questioned the authenticity of the information and I assure my readers that 98% of the information is correct. The other 2% come from questionable sources.

Keep the donations coming. I appreciate the support I have recieved. This site is my love and life to share with all my friends of welding.


01 August 2012

Welcome to the new and revised 'A History of Welding Web Site'. The former web page layout was broken into two sections, sharing many of the same files; using the same format and other things. When I developed the new web site, I chose to merge the Brazing Information into the Welding portion. The only distinction is there are two columns under timelines menu block. This is no way diminishing the importance of Brazing for I am, keeping it separated and the merger is putting Brazing on the same par as Welding. Most of the visitors were going to the welding web site by a 3:1 ratio. I hope that having both welding and brazing side-by-side will pique the interests

Also included is a PayPal support button. If you are enjoying this web site, please consider donating $5.00 or more to help support this web site. Your contributions will be deeply appreciated.

02 July 2012

I spent many hours surfing the internet observing the stylish CSS code and wished I could apply something as good as what I saw to my site. With HTML 5 on the horizon and the elimination of DtD templates, I figure it was time to start transforming this web site. It has many years since the last major overhaul so my desires to produce a more wonderful web site for the user, i took the plunge. Please send me feedback on Facebook about my web site.

08 May 2011

This is the 13th year of the web site. I am preparing a 15th Anniversary Project and hopefully with a better layout and some advances in web site user interactions.

As always, I would like to have some information about Hybrids and other variances in technology that can be added to this site. Currently, I am still getting nearly 500-1000 NEW hits per month. So this site is alive and well and hopefully a passing grade on someone's term paper.

12 January 2008

This is the 10th year of the web site and although I have not added much over the past several years, does not mean I have forgotten about the web site. I promised myself to complete the 2000-2008 years with information I have collected. If you, the reader has pertinent information that has historic significance, feel free to email the information.

I have received requests over the years for advertising on this site. I never intended for to be used in a commercial venue. All the costs of this web site comes from my own pocket and is for educational purposes. Please do not ask. When I choose to change the format or venue, then I will solicit from my readers. Until then...

7 January 2007

This is the beginning of my ninth year maintaining the web site and frankly I have not done much except mess around with css. I have made some test sites but never liked the layout or the colors. I am not a visual arts person.

Let us see what the 10 year anniversary site will look like. Hopefully, I will get my act together.

21 February 2005

I have not forgotten this web site.  The time I have spent trying to make this site work on Firefox and IE6.0 has been an interesting education in the browser battles. For those who are wondering, I am optimizing this web site for *Firefox*. I just bought "Beginning CSS, Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design", by Richard York, Publisher is Wrox and I have spent a good part of the weekend reading this book. We will see.

Otherwise, I have been changing the overall layout slightly and trying to organize the files into folders.

28 May 2004

Over the past year, I have added more foreign spellings, corrections to date organization and some grammar.  Added two web pages work as collaboration with the Nederlands Instituut voor Lastechniek a the French welding portal, with a collection of vintage welding machines.

19 May 2003

Added to the Acknowledgements the reference to Robert Peaslee's new book, "Brazing Footprints: Case Studies in High-Temperature Brazing". The book references this web site. The book may be ordered from Wall-Colmonoy.

23 March 2003

Updated the patents and references web pages. The patents page uses .ASP and Access database, generated from for better management and updating the information as I find it.

26 January 2003

Modified the site completely to handle, hopefully, the errant Macintosh computer. Apparently, some Macs could not handle the Java Applets from "The" and produced errors. Instead of Java Applets, I rewrote the Table of Contents in CSS. I think it looks better, but could still do some more color coordination, which will come with time.

10 January 2003

Updated all time-line pages with a greater amount of dates and information. I have been getting this web site ready for the AWS Brazing Conference that will be held in San Diego in February and wanted the data corrected and updated. Reorganized the CSS and the layout so that CSS controls the screen output.

14 October 2002

Encrypted the web pages using 'WEB ENCRYPT" from Ivan Petkovic. I was strongly advised to do so. Sorry about the inconvenience

Added the etymology of the words "Weld" and "Braze". This should be of some interest about where the words came from and recognized usages. More historical facts!

03 September 2002

Recently, this web site was mentioned in a editorial from Phil Pratt at the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology. Check it out at

07 July 2002

Received the Chinese character for welding (Han) from Dr. Wang, through R. LaFave.

10 June 2002

Portuguese words for welding submitted by "Ronaldo Parahos"

Korean welding and brazing submitted by Sunghoi Kim, Seoul, Korea, a Korean Sculptor.

27 May 2002

Bought my domain name "" to usher in a new level of commitment to the web site. The main reason is that I was having problems with my ISP , takeovers, server changes, etc. This was getting too much to manage by contacting other supporting links, changing of business cards and other sundry items.

Reorganized the subdirectory structure, so if you are linked to a subordinate file, the link will no longer work. Make all links point to and everything will be fine.

Submitted to search engines through

06 January 2002

Looking on the main menu, you will find a *NEW SECTION* for taking a quiz. The original script, Javascript Quiz, was found at and I rewrote the output section to a 'document-on-the-fly" and added color and font sizing.  There will Four sets of quizzes, each with 10 question.  The subjects will be a) Processes, b) Dates, c) People, and d) Places. Read over the website and take the quiz.  Try it and have fun.

Updated the Images web page to work under NS6. Also, the script used is Dynamic Image Selector Script- from Hope this works well in the future.

16 December 2001

Updated the website by changing file names. Moved to another server., the server I was supposed to move to this past May, but things did not work out too well. The New address is " (for the main title page of "A History of Thermal Joining", "A History of Welding" is now located at "". "A History of Brazing" is now located at "".

12 December 2001

Included a new web page honoring the lives of the giants of welding and brazing.

Posted the obituaries of Howard B. Cary, author the best welding technology book written, "Modern Welding Technology".

Will be posting an updated references web page that will include more books on welding.

18 November 2001

Made some minor changes to the web site. Included Hungarian words for welding and brazing. Updated the patent page and sorted the "Babel" page.

Currently studying XML to develop a new format and style for the web site.

03 October 2001

Collected more patents. Last May I added the Hobart Bros. patents and recently I acquired the Lincoln Bros. patents. Eventually, I will update the patent web page and annotate which ones that I have collected. If there is a patent not listed, please let me know of some and if possible, send me a PDF formatted file of the patent.

Added another counter to the site. The other counter would not let me see the details anymore and I am checking this one out to see how much I like its service.

26 September 2001

Added a Quotes page. I have come across some quotes from the past about welding and when you read the quote you will grasp the negative overtone of welding that has persisted for centuries. No kidding.!

Added "Interview with Gasperas Kazlauskas", founder of Astro-Arc welding machines.

07 June 2001

Updated the Java Class for the Table of Contents to Version 1.3 from

Corrected a JS file to accurately switch between Netscape 4.XX and IE/IE6 Web Browsers.

Apologies if the web page is difficult to load. My ISP is upgrading the connections and they should be done soon.

Updated the Welding Patents page to include patents assigned to Hobart Bros. Co. Courtesy of Marty Baker.

21 February 2001

Updated the Welding Tower of Babel with Italian phrases for welding and brazing supplied by Prof. Mauro Cavallini, Dip.ICMMPM, Roma. Thanks.

I replaced my motherboard and Windows 98 with a DFI ( mother board and Windows 2000. I have not been able to spend much time working on the web site until I installed a more stable system. Expect some new items, based on suggestions I have received. Keep the comments coming and I answer all of my E-mails

26 January 2001

Started the arduous process of converting to CSS.

01 January 2001

The web site "A History of Brazing" is up and running. I still do not have a link to switch back and forth but that is on the list.

01 September 2000

Added SIGMA Welding, DryRod electrode ovens and the inventor of the E6010 electrode.

Added the page to collect the phrases "welding" and "brazing" from around the world. Check it out in the 'Information' link on the menu pad.

07 August 2000

Changed to SiteNav applet for the Table of Contents (Script can be found at

Reorganized the subdirectories. Please send E-mail for broken links.

19 July 2000

Revised the Graphics page for "Viewing" the graphics on one page with Javascript.

Added Fifteen scanned stamps from around the world honoring welding. Courtesy of Henk Bodt of the Netherlands Institute of Lastechniek (NIL).

19 June 2000

Web site is highlighted by Petra deHamer of the Netherlands Institute of Welding "Lastechniek"

07 May 2000

Changed the Navigation Bar to a JAR based program.

02 May 2000

Added Welding Patents and referral links to Navigation Frame.

30 April 2000

Added more information to the Pre-1800s.

Added a picture of John Ferguson Weir, "Forging a Shaft: A Welding Heat"

03 April 2000

Changed Main screen and made administrative changes to Headers and titles.

31 March 2000

Added more information and bullets for easier reading.

Corrected some pages because of the quirks in GoLive.

27 March 2000

Added painting by Diego Velaquez of Vulcan god, the Roman deity of Fire and Craftsmanship. Courtesy of JORGE FIDELINO GALVÃO DE FIGUEIREDO Lisboa, Portugal

Deleted the guest book

20 March 2000

Updated the site with Adobe "GoLive". I needed a simpler editor to manage this information.

30 Jan 2000

Added information on Goldschmidt, Thermite Welding Process.

25 Jan 2000

Added a Title graphic to remove the bland text title.

22 Jan 2000

Changed Table of Contents to have more flexibility in adding additional links.

Added graphics page. One page to view most graphics.

Investigating color schemes to arrange a seamless and consistent look. (Still trying to figure out Style sheets)

Minor changes to wording.

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