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The Ohio State University Welding Engineering Program


The history of the Ohio State's University Welding Engineering Department traces back to 1893 when William A. Knight introduced a blacksmithing and forging program at the university.  Another milestone was reached in 1919 when gas welding and cutting were made parts (sic) of the shop facilities.  In 1925, with the formation of the Department of Industrial Engineering under Professor John Younger, the shops were transferred to the college of Engineering with a new emphasis on production methods.  In 1938 the welding curriculum was advanced to that of an option degree in the Department of Industrial Engineering.  The Department of Welding Engineering, as it is known today, was instituted in 1947 with Robert S. Green as its first chairman.  Professor Green has since been succeeded by Roy B. McCauley as its present chairman."

Extracted from:  Welding Journal, Vol. 38 No.1,  Jan 1959, Page 2.

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