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Thanks to Anthony Rohan and Katie Denno from Taylor-Winfield for providing the picture of Thomas Edison standing next to Henry Ford observing a resistance welding operator.


April 2019, is National Welding Month and in celebration, I published an article about Benardos titled, The Beginnings of Modern Welding. Here is the Welding Journal cover.

Welding Journal, April 2019

I recently completed editing the Historical Perspective, that will be published in the Brazing Handbook, 6th Edition and published by the American Welding Society.


I was Acknowledged by Janice Chambers of Utah State Univeristy who co-authored a paper for the SEAOC 2014 Conference titled Electroslag Welding Solutions for High-Seismic Regions.


My contribution to the Brazing Handbook can be found in Chapter 1, Historical Perspective. Follow this link to the American Welding Society for more information about the Fifth Edition published in January 2008.


WD - July 2005Penton's Welding Magazine

I have my first article published with Welding Design & Fabrication 'Engine-Driven Arc Welding Machines', in the July 2005 issue.

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Svetsaren August 2004

ESAB celebrates its 100th Anniversary of O. Kjellberg's Invention of the covered electrode. The greatest invention following 25 years of welding curiosity.  The whole magazine is devoted to welding history from the perspective of Sweden. An article, "A History of Welding", written by Klas Weman, examines the history of arc welding and ESAB's involvement with moving the technology into the future.

Visit the web site at: ESAB


Brazing Footprints by Robert L. Peaslee

"Brazing Footprints: Case Studies in High-Temperature Brazing" by Robert L. Peaslee. A remarkable book, completely indexed to the Brazing Q & A's that were published in the Welding Journal from 1989 to 1999. Written by the 'Father of Brazing' who provides tremendous insight to the world of brazing that he created.

Copies may be ordered from Wall-Colmonoy Corporation, (248) 585-6400.


The World of Welding

"Calling all Rosies" by Phil Pratt. (

The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology quarterly magazine editorial by Phil Pratt, President, HIWT. The article describes the "Image Army" that Mr. Pratt is assembling to promote the image of welding.

Contributed to Rewriting the article about welding in the 1911 Encyclopedia

Read about WELDING in the 1911 Encyclopedia

Update: The page has changed and no longer shows the scanned images from the original document [12 February 2008].



"De geschiedenis van het lassen" by Petra de Hamer, Editor.

Dutch article about the web site written in the June 2000 issue of Lastechniek

Welding & Metal Fabrication

"Bringing aerospace welding specifications up to standard" by Dr. Richard Freeman.

Article about aerospace welding specifications written by Dr. Richard Freeman of TWI in the July/August 2000 issue of Welding & Metal Fabrication, using this web site as a basis for the background of welding history.





More interesting images from France of welding machine ads. Images were provided by Dominique of

Click to view.


Presentation made by Dominique of who assembled a web page of vintage welding machines. The web page is reproduced here for convenience of the reader.





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