Comfort Avery Adams was born November 1, 1868 in Cleveland Ohio and died at home in Philadelphia, 21 February 1958.

As an Electrical Engineering Professor at Harvard University, Adams interest in merging engineering from college into the real world of engineering was with the welding technology that was becoming of interest as electrical engineering and electricity expansion developed.

To speed up shipbuilding production in 1918, Dr. Adams created the "Welding Committee of the Emergency Fleet Cooperation" to understand welding's new technology and its use for fabrication.  His efforts brought welding to the fore front of science and technology in fields other than welding on railroad structures.

After World War I, Dr. Adams created the American Welding Society.

Dr. Adams was the first president of AWS, the first director of the American Bureau of Welding when in 1936 it was changed to the Welding Research Committee.

Each year since 1943, the AWS convention hosts the lectureship, "The Adams Lecture", whereby outstanding lectures are given promoting the science and technology of welding.


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