05 March 2009


Robert L. Peaslee (1917-2009)

March 5, 2009 marked a sad, but inevitable day with the passing of Robert L. Peaslee. This event marks the end of a great mind, responsible for the discovery and development of what is known as Diffusion Brazing.

The following is the Official Wall Colmonoy Notice found at this web site:


March, 2009

In Memoriam

Robert L. Peaslee, 1917-2009

Wall Colmonoy (WCC) pays tribute to Robert L. Peaslee, who passed away March 5, 2009, at the age of 92. If you have been involved, in any way, with the brazing industry, you are familiar with the name “Robert Peaslee,” who has affectionately been called the the “Father of Nickel Brazing.” Robert Peaslee was instrumental to the growth and success of Wall Colmonoy, and indeed the brazing industry as a whole, for more than sixty years.

He was a teacher at heart, and served as a mentor to many, including co-workers, customers, and the students he lectured during his years teaching brazing courses on behalf of ASM and Wall Colmonoy.

Many of his many achievements were highlighted in the Wall Colmonoy newsletter of Summer 2006 entitled “Tribute to a Legend”.

Robert, Vice President Emeritus, joined WCC in 1950 and developed the Nicrobraz® line of brazing filler metals, which introduced nickel brazing to the metals industry. He also established the WCC US and Canadian facilities for performing brazing operations; and after a career spanning 57 years, continued working as a consultant for the company until January, 2009.

His final message to his friends would probably be the words he wrote in each edition of his “Brazing Footprints” book he signed—“HAPPY BRAZING’.

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